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2016 update

Getting married in Croatia in a year whoop whoop. Stressing about the dress, work, school all that good stuff


Just another small update to keep this journal alive. Man so many memories
Keeping this alive...

all moved in...mostly

So I have been in the new place for a little over a month. Things have been going pretty well. 1 bill left in my name from the old place and waiting on one roommate to pay June/July utilities but everyone paid up in the 11th hour so I am happy about that.

Onto the house....LOVE IT! So happy in the actual space, it's a really good size for Dan and I. Not too big but I have plenty of space to be by myself as well. Doug seems happy in his third floor room, nice and private for him. Living and being around Doug full time has been a little challenging. Not really in a bad way but I am not used to how I need to act around him so there have been some close calls when I am less than fully dressed. Nothing scandalous yet though phew.

Still finishing up the last of the unpacking and then I need to organize / decorate so it feels more homey. Want to build some sort of folding partition to hide the litter boxes from view since they get passed by any time someone wants to go out the back porch. Also, big project I am slowly starting on is the backyard and clearing up all the vines. our backyard has been taken over by weeds and I want grass. So slowly been ripping them out.

Also there has been some drama involving the clothes washer and dryer but should be sorted out soon and I am loving having AC in the house. Remy is getting along with Dusty and Sabrina for the most part so everything is going well on that front.

Heading off to the beach next weekend with Amanda and Josh and then the following weekend Doug goes off to school, AHHH.

then the real test of living with Dan begins when it is just us and the kitties. I did have a minor freakout during the first week, lying awake and wondering is this it? Is this how the rest of my life will be? waking up with Dan? Then I took a deep breath and am taking it one day at time :-)

Work is so freaking stressful but progressing.

Weird Al Concert Write Up

Saw Weird Al in concert on Sunday May 22nd with Heather and it was a phenomenal show. It was at the AE stage near Heinz Field downtown at 7 pm. Besides the fact it was freakishly hot that day, this venue is awesome. Heather and I were able to go up to the second floor and be right against the balcony and had perfect views. Only real downfall was being on our feet the whole time but I was so into the show and dancing around that I didn't notice the pain too much.

Best think about having an iphone? Was able to make note of the setlist and some thoughts as the show was going o :-). I think the best part of this concert was that Weird Al wasn't specifically promoting a CD so he had free reign to play any songs he wanted and he played quite a few I didn't think I would ever hear live.

First thing - no opening act YAY! just pure unfiltered Al time :-)

First song was his newest polka medley-Polka Face featuring lady gaga, usher, justin bieber,pink. Really good medley, looking forward to it being on a CD.

The next song was Frank's 2000 inch TV. SUPER PSYCHED TO HEAR THIS SONG. I have always really enjoyed this but it is a pretty old song in Al's catalog. Boy was it awesome to hear it.

Then I note that Al makes a joke and then shouts out DRUM solo, though it's only a very small one. The next was You don't love me anymore, another great song that I never thought I would hear at a concert. Weird Al had an acoustic guitar but everytime he tried to play it, he would lose his balance or cough etc so he never actually played...then he smashed it at the end of the song.

ALTV with Eminem

Smells like Nirvana, always a good song when he gargles at the end of it. Seems to be a staple in his shows but I approve. The cheerleaders behind him really didn't know the moves at all... I believe he just gets them from a radio contest but these were particularly bad.

Some song about Robert Platt?

A song about being a tour guide on the Congo Queen? Pretty funny but I had never heard it before.

ALTV Jessica Simpson

Next song was your pitiful complete with the undressing...gotta love the TUTU, Atlantic Records Sucks Tshirt, and some pale white guy legs :-D

Wheel of Fish clip from UHF. You end up with nothing! You so stupid!

ALTV Madonna

Perform this way - lady gaga parody with Weird Al in a peacock costume, it was awesome. He is just wandering around, oh man so much fun.

Some song about Charles, I think it was a white stripes parody but I didn't recognize it.

Now he is explaining the meaning of the next song he is going to sing " Let me be your hog" 1 line and down hehe.

NExt up - Canadian Idiot! Hilarious and gotta love a song with Zamboni in the lyrics.

ALTV Justin Timberlake

Wanna B Ur Luver time - Al is in the tackiest red and black tiger striped pantsuit holy cow. This song is really good for crowd interaction but I am so uncomfortable with the sexy hip thrusts haha..I love weird al. Hilarious moments when he was gyrating and there was a little guy behind him..she backed up quick. Wish I was on the main floor instead of the second floor for this song.

Weird Al documentary clip which segueways into Beverly Hillbillies song complete with keytar action.

Medley TIME! Confessions Pt 3 was next with a the shirley temple reference changed to Sarah Palin segues into ebay song into bedrock anthem into another one rides the bus (!!) into spiderman into stuck in the drive thru into gump into eat it :-).

Some multimedia clip and ALTV Keith Richards with a clip of the jurassic park claymation MV

My notes say next " don't know the song but weird al looks good in leather pants" AMEN something about a custom paint job? Song about craigslist?? lyrics make fun of snotty barista at beehive due to him being on a cell phone


Amish Paradise - staple
ALTV Celine
Jeopardy Clip with Al Song titles
WHITE AND NERDY - complete with Al on a segway

multimedia clip about dirt

FAT SUIT TIME!! Singing FAT, and out comes the hoes and santa clauses :)

band acknowledgement and GOODNIGHT...but no one believes this and no one is leaving.

YEAH OUT COME THE JEDI!! Darth Vader and soldiers on stage. then weird al makes an ALTV moby ref about the collab with moby " we all have cellphones so come on lets get real" everyone holds up cellphones while Al sings it . so cool. And onto the Jedi Guy (American Pie) song.

Then darth vader music plays and turns into the adams family theme...and into the YODA SONG! yeah I always hear this but I still love it. Then the amazing gibberish song and back to YODA and now it is finally over.

Probably about 2 hours or so, really amazing. Lots of costume changes and just amazing stage presence. A++++++


From Twitter 05-14-2011

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From Twitter 05-13-2011

  • 09:33:02: Why is it so hot at work? :( ac please!! #ihatesummer
  • 10:54:24: @technoelf don't remind me ;_; at least the new plow has central air so i just need to survive until july 1st. Does your place?
  • 15:55:34: Off to Maryland for amanda's graduation /) #proudsister
  • 17:31:58: Turnpike meal of champions - nathan hotdog and Starbucks frappachino. Nausea is better than redbull
  • 18:24:16: At breezewood
  • 20:27:52: Hooooooome

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From Twitter 05-11-2011

  • 12:22:29: So much baseball talk!?(・_・;? And I know nothing

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From Twitter 05-08-2011

  • 17:08:27: really doesn't want it to be Monday tomorrow...ugh
  • 20:48:17: My parents love crazy Mocha and are buying coffee mugs

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From Twitter 05-07-2011

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